25 Budget Holiday Gift Ideas

1- Healthy Recipe book

It is always a good idea to take care of yourself and eating healthy is one way of doing that. Having some recipes can help make healthy living easier.

2- A mug

You can personalize a mug and give it to someone, for ex. “World’s best mom”

3- Candles

I love candles, especially scented ones. And the great thing about candles is that they are inexpensive and you can personalize them.

4- Business card holder

A great gift for an aspiring entrepreneur is a business card holder, and there are actually affordable ones that you can find online.

5- Journal

I love to write and take notes. A great gift idea is a journal that you can get engraved. Making a gift like this personalized really makes it special and it wont break your pocket.

6- Dvd

A dvd of someone’s favorite movie or show is great!

7- Netflix

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, give a loved one netflix for $7.99 a month.

8- Magazine subscription

You can give someone a yearly subscription for a magazine that you think they may enjoy.

9- Picture frame

Picture frames are very budget friendly. You can pick one up from target or the dollar store and decorate it and make it your own.

10- Coupon book of kisses and hugs

For those on a very tight budget. This is a very thoughtful gift.

11- Life coaching session

A life coaching session can help a person put their life in perspective and make new strides.

12- A book of motivational quotations

I love anything that sends positive vibes. The more positivity we surround ourselves with the more positive we will be.

13- “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo

You can get someone an inspirational book like this one.

14- Bucket of fun

You can gather a few of the gifts on this list and create a bucket of fun.

15- Game tickets

You dont always have to buy really expensive game tickets, some tickets are super cheap.

16- A Mixed Cd

You can make a mix of songs that you think someone will love.

17- A handmade bracelet

You can always make a handmade bracelet or get one on etsy.com

18- A Gift Card

You can give someone a gift card for one of their favorite stores.

19- Jewelry

You don’t have to get expensive jewelry, in fact there are a lot of deals on jewelry on living social.

20- Perfume/Cologne

Buy someone a perfume/cologne mini of their favorite scent.

21- Wall art

Inspirational wall art can give you that boost you need in the morning. You can find affordable wall art at many stores online.

22- Baked Cookies

If you have a passion for baking, make someone a batch of their favorite cookies. Food always makes my heart smile.

23- Refurbished video game

If you can’t afford a new video game you can always buy a reburished one for a more affordable price.

24- Spa Day

Treat that special someone to a spa day without killing your pockets. You can usually find great deals in your area on livingsocial.com

25- A Romantic Date

And last but not least, take that special someone out for a romantic date, or you can just take a friend to a local show etc.

I hope you enjoyed these budget holiday gift ideas. If you have any other gift ideas, leave a comment. Also if you want me to write about a specific topic, please send them to me at iwantmykissesback@gmail.com

3 Ways to Keep Him Interested

3 Ways to Keep Him Interested

Sometimes after being in a relationship for a long time things can get repetitive and monoutous. And sometimes men lose interest. Here are some things that you can do to keep him interested or keep the relationship alive.

1) Surprise him. Guys love when you change it up. Unpredictability is sexy. For example: Create a romantic setting/sexy occasion, cook him dinner one day, send him a sexy gift, write him a song, and do it all just because- this will keep definitely keep him interested, guys like mystery, but not too much.

2) Give him time to miss you. Now I am not an advocate for games in which you wait 2/3 days to call, but I think it is always nice to spend time doing stuff with your friends and for yourself and then coming back to your significant other. Distance definitely makes the heart goes fonder.

3) Take him out somewhere different that you haven’t gone too, or some place that you don’t normally go. For example: a broadway play, a live show, a concert, laser tag, beach, picnic, fireworks, exotic cuisine. Or even surprise him with two tickets to his favorite basketball team’s game etc – he will love that you care enough about his interests and not just your own

3 Ways to Keep Her Interested

3 Ways to Keep Her Interested

Sometimes after being in a relationship for a long time things can get repetitive and monoutous. And sometimes women lose interest. Here are some things that you can do to keep her interested or keep the relationship alive.

  1. Surprise her. I cannot stress this enough, women love surprises and even if they say they don’t they do. But it has to be a well thought out surprise. For example: cook her dinner one day, send flowers to her job, write her a song, and do it all just because- this will keep definitely keep her interested, in fact she might be smitten

  2. Give her time to miss you. Now I am not an advocate for games in which you wait 2/3 days to call, but I think it is always nice to spend time doing stuff with your friends and for yourself and then coming back to your significant other. Distance definitely makes the heart goes fonder.

  3. Take her out somewhere different that you haven’t gone too, or some place that you don’t normally go. For example: a broadway play, a live show, a concert, laser tag, beach, picnic, fireworks, exotic cuisine

Match.com Review

Match.com Review

I have to say that while on match I made some observations regarding dating and racial preference. Before I address this I will give an honest review of the site itself. Overall I like match.com. One feature that I really like that I havent seen on the other sites I tried was something called “stir events.” Stir events are events where singles in your area can attend and they are exclusive for paying members. Sometimes the events do get sold out quickly because they are quite appealing. For example I came across two events, one being rock climbing and the other being a mixer at a bar. I think this is a great feature because it encourages safe meeting places and actually gives members great dating ideas that are already set up. Some can be a little pricey but some events are actually reasonably priced, so for that I give match.com a thumbs up. On match.com you can have a free membership but it does not allow you to communicate with other members you will just get notifications that someone has written to you or that someone may be interested, so a paid subscription is recommended. Match.com is $35 a month, $59.97 for 3 months (20 per month) and $101.94 for 6 months ($16.99 per month). This isn’t too bad especially if you decide to do a longer subscription. At first the thought of paying for a dating site was absurd to me but then I realized that the quality was actually better on some paid sites. When you think about it, it makes sense; someone who is very serious about finding someone will be more willing to pay a fee to do so and so there is a higher chance you will find someone who is just as serious as you are and not just looking for a simple hook up. Match sends you daily matches everyday of which they share certain profile similarities with you. I think that this is kind of cool because then the chances are higher that you will see someone you favor. One feature that Match does not have is an instant messenger feature. While this is true they do have a matchphone feature which allows you to accept call requests, text and call. While I really do like match’s features, as an African-American woman I felt this site was not the best choice. This has more to do with its members. I found that while browsing a lot of men listed their racial preference and almost none of the men, including Black men did not have black women listed as a preference. I found it harder to get replies and messages because of this and I did not like that. While this is not the site’s fault there are a lot of men on this site that do not prefer women of color so for African-American women I would suggest a different site. While reading online I noticed that on many sites black women have less of a chance of being notified than other women which is probably due to the negative stereotypes that bombard society, but even so it upset me. Overall I would recommend match.com but not for African-American women based on my own experience, but everyone’s experience may be different.


-Stir events (love love love this feature)


-daily matches

  • has a match.com phone app

  • lets you send winks, and favorite profiles

  • lets you see who is viewing your profile

  • provides a good amount of matches


-no instant messenger feature

  • events can be a little pricey

Plentyoffish.com Review

Out of all the dating sites that I have reviewed this site is my least favorite. While this site has the most users ranging in 30 million this leaves room for a lot of creepers and fake profiles. While I am not a huge fan of this site if you live in an area that is not that popular and other sites dont provide you with enough matches to choose from I would recommend plentyoffish because there are so many member profiles. On this site there is no matching questions and no daily matches. There are no questions or indepth matching system that would allow you to see any compatibility capabilities. This site does have instant messenging and you can turn it off at anytime. Beware of fake profiles as there are many on this site. Also due to the high volume of profiles there are many profiles that are inactive with members who have not signed in in over a year time span. Also I have realized that on the quality of matches on this site is not as high as other sites because there are more people on here looking for a quick hook up. If you are not looking for a long term commitment then this site is probably a better option because people can list if they want something, long term, or short term. This allows you to know exactly what members are looking for so that you can be on the same page, which is kind of nice. At times it is hard to tell if you and someone else is on the same page so this feature gives you that information.


-Over 30 million users

-Instant messenger feature

-Phone app


-No matching system

  • Many fake profiles/creepers

  • many inactive profiles

  • very basic website

Why Jealousy Has No Place In A Relationship

                   A few days ago I received a text from an old boyfriend/friend telling me to not write on his timeline on facebook anymore and to only contact him via text message or email, because his girlfriend was upset that I was writing on his wall, and that he didn’t want his family to talk about them behind his back. Pretty much he was trying to avoid an “unneccesary” argument. When I received this text I wasn’t having the best of days and after reading it I was even more agitated and just right out APPALLED. I was so appalled that I deleted him from facebook; for those of you thinking I went to far, I am going to explain why I took it there.
                   I dated this guy 6 years ago as a late teen and only for a few months. I am now in my twenties and I just didn’t understand why his girlfriend would be so upset. Me and this guy are friends and we have not been romantically involved in 6 years and our relationship was not even longterm, and to top it off all I wrote on his timeline was a simple “how are you?” “how have you been?” I am not one to go on rants about things but I felt this was worthy of a blog post because it is the pure definition of jealousy and insecurity all balled up in one, which I believe has absolutely, positively no place in a relationship whatsoever.
                    A simple “how are you?” is very harmless and what makes that situation worse is that she does know I am his ex from a very long time ago. I think her getting upset over a simple hello, how are you shows that she is insecure and does not trust her boyfriend. On top of that I do not even live in the same state as this so called “friend” of mine and almost never see him. Why am I threat? I am in a very loving relationship with a man who knows about that ex in particular and has no problem at all with our platonic friendship. In fact I have friends that are males that may write on my fb page and it does not affect him at all because for one he completely trusts me wholeheartedly, and he is a confident man who is not insecure, and we are very open with our communication. Jealousy has absolutely no place within a relationship because it hinders a relationships’ growth and causes unnecessary tension that could result in the loss of friendships and other relationships with people. If the person you are with does not trust you then your relationship will not be successful and you will have a lot of problems down the road. In fact in my opinion you shouldn’t be in a relationship until you completely trust a person, because trust is at the foundation of every relationship.
                      As a result of this annoying text message I simply told my “friend” that I wouldn’t be contacting him at all, because I did not feel the need to contact him in secret when I was doing absolutely nothing wrong. Extreme acts of jealousy such as the one displayed in this story in my opinion has to be a result of insecurities. I think that if you want to maintain a healthy relationship any insecurities should be addressed and the root of those insecurities should be addressed in order avoid extreme cases of unnecessary jealously. Jealousy like that would definitely push me away from a significant other and be extremely stressful.


Hey guys so I plan on adding a section to my blog about crazy/hell date stories. I will post them up anonymously for discretion. It can be a really good or bad date. I know I have experienced some bad dates and even witnessed some. I think it will be interesting to see some of the dates that you guys have gone on. I can’t wait to read your stories. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT iwantmykissesback@gmail.com. Follow the Iwantmykissesback blog on twitter at @iwantmykisses. Also like the blog page on Facebook so you can hear about all the new posts. Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for some new posts. HAVE A GREATTT DAYY!!!!!!



once i get a good amount of stories i will post them up for you all to see and comment on as well!!!

Why you should date yourself before you date anyone else

Okay some of you are probably thinking, “date yourself” what the hell are you talking about. Well let me explain. I think that in order for a person to love you, you need to not just love yourself first but also be completely comfortable with yourself. My best friend made me realize that I was not comfortable with myself a while back. I love myself dearly but being comfortable was a whole other level. Ask yourself this: Do you do things that you love to do by yourself? Or do you always need a companion by your side to go out and enjoy life? If your friends or a potential date isn’t available do you sit inside thinking “oh well they are flaky i will just stay in tonight” Put an end to that now. Can you go to the movies by yourself and not feel awkward? How about a concert? or those salsa lessons you’ve always wanted to try? Or that new poetry spot. If you feel awkward doing things by yourself then you are probably not fully comfortable with yourself. Of course there are some activities that do require others and I do not suggest going out to eat by yourself but there are plenty of things you can do by yourself.
I think that a person who can go out and enjoy life without needing a significant other or person to validate them or keep them company is the most desirable candidate. Think about it. A person who is comfortable and confident with their own identity will most likely not be needy or clingy because they don’t need another person’s attention to validate their own existence. They simply exist and enjoy life. A significant other would simply complement them but not define them. And why would you want to put so much power in another person’s hand? Honestly some people put a lot of pressure on their mates by relying on them for everything/happiness and that pushes people away. Nobody wants that type of responsibility because the moment they make a mistake or do something wrong they fear they can easily break your heart. The man or woman who has his or her own life and friends, and passions are the most sought out candidates in the dating world. They are strong and confident and can live just fine without another person by their side. They know how to make themselves happy so it makes it easier for them to make a potential candidate even happier. They exude positive energy and everyone loves and wants to be around positive energy.
I love anything comedic for that very reason. Comedy makes me laugh and smiling is good for the soul so I can watch funny videos/shows for hours. The same goes for being around someone, if they exude positive energy you are automatically going to be drawn to them. Nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly negative, and always in need of attention. In fact most people want to give others attention when they do not ask for it. Think about it. Usually when a person blows up your phone and gives you no space to breathe you get irritated and you pull away but when they don’t you want to speak to them more. If you are not comfortable in your own skin I suggest you focus on that before you focus on another. People cannot fill the voids that we need to fill ourselves. If you rely on others all the time for your own happiness you will end up unhappy. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Focus on yourself, your health and appearance. Have fun, do things with your friends and put that energy into your career. Love will come when you least expect it and once you know how to truly love yourself you will be able to love someone else.

Kisses xoxo