Facebook Relationship Mistakes 101

Okay there are sooo many things I can say about facebook and relationships but for the sake of not writing a novel I will spare you, but I will briefly discuss. A lot of times I hear people say that Facebook messed up their relationship and blah blah blah. NO!! YOU MESSED UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP, not a free social networking website YOU YOU YOU. Okay sorry that was a little dramatic, especially since I am not talking to you persay, just those who are indeed guilty of this lol, but I had to make a point. If you allow a social network or the people on them to destroy your relationship then honestly was it really that strong of a relationship to begin with?? And honestly there are so many mistakes or things I see on facebook that people do. For one, this is how I feel about FB- STFU. Yes simply that. While I think that facebook is a great way to network and to keep in touch with friends and family, I also think it is seriously getting in the way of actual interaction among the human race outside of the digital world and therefore changing the context of relationships.
1)      To status or not status, Should you put your relationships status on fb? A lot of people and even I am guilty of not putting my relationship status on fb with the argument that too many people are nosey and up in my business blah blah.  The truth of the matter is it shouldn’t matter if the world knows who you are dating or if you are in a relationship, because if you truly care about that person then you wouldn’t need them to be a secret. Now if both parties don’t feel the need to even put their status on fb then that is fine, but I am not a fan of one party putting their status up and the other claiming they are single, it just seems sketch.
2)      Putting that you are in a relationship with your best friend (ladies this is for you)- I just think it’s unnecessary
3)      TMI- stop putting your entire life on fb in your statuses, I hate to say it but it’s just not cool. It’s like having a diary and posting it on the internet for the whole world to see. Keep personal things personal. Do not announce to the fb world that you and your significant other are having a fight and that you are sorry or not sorry at all—I guarantee your relationship will suffer or disintegrate—this happened to me- an ex put our business all on fb—-bye bye relationship, needless to say that was a dumb move…
4)      Don’t spam your significant others page a million times just because you want to show to the world that you are a part of their world or that you miss them. I see nothing wrong with a few comments here and there but don’t fill up their wall, it makes you look clingy and if you are truly dating this person you have other avenues of contacting them such as via in person, phone calls and texts.
5)      If you have to find out about your significant other’s life via facebook, please re-evaluate your relationship….no seriously. If you have to find out where your significant other is by looking on fb and seeing where they checked in or etc… that’s a problem, because to me it would seem as if your significant other was in a relationship with fb and not you…….a.k.a not cool.
6)      Erasing comments- if your significant other is erasing your comments and they are normal comments like, “I miss you”, or “hey baby” then clearly something sketch is going on. I remember that stuff in the MySpace days- when people would trip out about not being in someone’s top 8—–smh


Hey guys so I am super excited right now…..okay I don’t care if that makes me seem lame lol. But tonight at 8/7C on VH1, a new season of “Tough Love” premieres. I love this show because Steve Ward tells it like it is. For those of you who are wondering what this show is and why I am so excited, “Tough Love” is a show about women who do all the wrong things when it comes to dating. Usually the show features 8 women who have no idea how to date “properly” and Steve Ward, a well renowned “love expert” so to speak helps them get their ish together. I like the show because Steve Ward is brutally honest, and that is the same way I am. I believe in being respectable of course. Steve Ward doesn’t sugar coat anything. The truth of the matter is that sometimes we need to face the fact that maybe the issue isn’t other people, maybe it’s ourselves. While I think that dating has definitely gotten a lot harder I think that we sometimes make it harder by settling with a lot or expecting way too much. I think this show is great because it shows how dating can be different in different areas. This time, Steve Ward is in Miami and bringing the heat. I personally think Steve Ward is super cute/hot/handsome. In the past I believe it was said that he was not married and single. At the moment I am not aware of his status but if he is still single that would honestly make me wonder, since he’s a “love expert” but hey him being single is fine with me : ) Check out the show and tell me what you think. I hope the premiere doesn’t disappoint, because then all this excitement would have been for nothing and a total flop.