Let Him Pursue You

In the Bible, it says, “He that finds a wife, finds a good thing, not she that finds a husband.” Often times we get caught up and fall for a guy and we start chasing him and pursuing him. I used to do this. I used to always initiate contact, try to make plans and try to force things.

Let me tell you right now, what is for you is for you and you will not have to chase a soulmate. Queen, are you searching and looking for “the one” everywhere you go? I used to do this. The cute guy at the store in the mall, the guy online, the guy on Instagram or the guy in my class, etc. I was always thinking could he be my husband. The problem with this thinking is that by doing this my energy was off. I gave off an aura of desperation and that repels men. On top of that by trying to pursue a man I didn’t allow room for a man to pursue me. I was so obsessed with wanting to find love and be in love that I decided I needed to take matters in my own hands. How crazy of me to think that God could handle every area in my life but my love life.

So year after year I was doing things my own way, not trusting God and pursuing men that I had no business pursuing. Ignoring red flags left and right because I just wanted love so bad. It took me losing myself to really find myself in God. It wasn’t until I took time to love myself and learn who I am in Christ that I stopped doing the pursuing. You see men are supposed to lead and I truly believe that the man for you will lead you and will see you when God shows you to him. You do not have to pursue the one for you because he will pursue you.

When God created Eve he took Adam’s rib out of him and created her. When he saw her he knew who she was because she was part of him, she came from him. Your soulmate, the one for you, will see you and his spirit will resonate with you. He will be drawn to you and it might even be unexplainable, but most importantly he will pursue you. He will initiate contact, put in effort and plan dates. He will want to learn all about you and your heart and he will see you. We often want a man to lead us but are too busy trying to lead and create something from nothing. I know sometimes it can feel like when will it happen for me God, when will I meet my husband etc, but I promise you once you start living a life of purpose, start loving yourself (find out how here), and start seeking a whole life, that is when your help mate will seek you. Trust God’s timing and live an empowered life; that way when your boo does pursue you, you will be prepared and ready to love in a healthy way. Thank you so much for reading!!! Be sure to check out my other/sister website that is all about Self-Love at www.selfloveempowers.com.¬†