3 Ways to Keep Him Interested

3 Ways to Keep Him Interested

Sometimes after being in a relationship for a long time things can get repetitive and monoutous. And sometimes men lose interest. Here are some things that you can do to keep him interested or keep the relationship alive.

1) Surprise him. Guys love when you change it up. Unpredictability is sexy. For example: Create a romantic setting/sexy occasion, cook him dinner one day, send him a sexy gift, write him a song, and do it all just because- this will keep definitely keep him interested, guys like mystery, but not too much.

2) Give him time to miss you. Now I am not an advocate for games in which you wait 2/3 days to call, but I think it is always nice to spend time doing stuff with your friends and for yourself and then coming back to your significant other. Distance definitely makes the heart goes fonder.

3) Take him out somewhere different that you haven’t gone too, or some place that you don’t normally go. For example: a broadway play, a live show, a concert, laser tag, beach, picnic, fireworks, exotic cuisine. Or even surprise him with two tickets to his favorite basketball team’s game etc – he will love that you care enough about his interests and not just your own

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