3 Ways to Keep Her Interested

3 Ways to Keep Her Interested

Sometimes after being in a relationship for a long time things can get repetitive and monoutous. And sometimes women lose interest. Here are some things that you can do to keep her interested or keep the relationship alive.

  1. Surprise her. I cannot stress this enough, women love surprises and even if they say they don’t they do. But it has to be a well thought out surprise. For example: cook her dinner one day, send flowers to her job, write her a song, and do it all just because- this will keep definitely keep her interested, in fact she might be smitten

  2. Give her time to miss you. Now I am not an advocate for games in which you wait 2/3 days to call, but I think it is always nice to spend time doing stuff with your friends and for yourself and then coming back to your significant other. Distance definitely makes the heart goes fonder.

  3. Take her out somewhere different that you haven’t gone too, or some place that you don’t normally go. For example: a broadway play, a live show, a concert, laser tag, beach, picnic, fireworks, exotic cuisine

The Top 10 Places to Meet Men and Women

Hey guys so you know how hard dating can be. Too many times I hear people say they don’t know where to go to meet people. People are so tired of the club scene. I honestly think that the club is the worst place to meet someone, of course there are those few people that have success stories but from my own experience it is rare. Usually at the club there are men and women that are just trying to have a good time, they don’t want anything substantial. Also the club is filled with drunk people, and usually when you meet someone you want to be sober, just in my opinion. So here is a list of my top 10 places to meet a potential date. They are not in any particular order but these are places in which I have actually met someone, or even met an ex-boyfriend. Also some of my friends have met people in these situations as well. Let me know what you think:

1)  A Bookstore-this makes the list because I loveee to read. I can literally spend hours in a bookstore just exploring. And I always see lots of men and women of all ages in barnes and nobles. And you might bump into someone who has similar interests as you.

2) Dance Class- or any type of interest/activity class/cooking/acting etc- This is a great place to meet someone.

3) Church- So I know not everyone goes to church, but for those of you that do this is a great place to potentially meet someone who has the similar values and religious views as you.

4) The Beach/Parks- summertime is just around the corner and EVERYONE- I mean EVERYONE will be at the beach and the parks (I know I will be)

5) Grocery Store-we all have to eat sometime, right?? While your pushing a cart through the aisles you might bump into your soul mate. You never know!

6) Live Music Venues/Concerts- I love live shows and I will even attend a show by myself. This is a perfect place to meet someone who also likes the same kind of music you like. (Already something in common)

7) Museums-I like going to museums and exploring new things. And some museums actually have cool events they put on monthly. For those of you in the NY area, the Brooklyn Museum has this cool event called “First Saturdays” every first saturday of the month in which they have live music and a multitude of different events.

8) The Gym- so many people workout daily. While getting yourself in shape you might meet someone while running on a treadmill.

9) Online- and of course you can meet both men and women online on dating websites. This is a good option for those people that are very busy or don’t go out often.

10) Lounges- While I am not a big fan of meeting someone at a club, a lounge is a little more upscale and classy. People are usually dressed to impress and it is a lot less rowdy than a club.

Hope you liked this list. If you have anymore suggestions or a topic you want to see, email me at iwantmykissesback@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!!

Kisses  xoxo