Are you are dating a “FLOATER?” – Run While You Can

Hey guys!!! I hope all is well with you. As the holiday season approaches I thought it would be a good idea to talk about “floaters.” A floater is a guy or girl who moves from relationship to relationship and never stays for too long. I am sure we have all experienced at least one floater in our lives, I know I sure have. To be exact there was one “floater” in particular that i dated awhile back before I was in a relationship. For the sake of respect I will keep this floater anonymous. Well when I met this guy he was very sweet, he took me out, told his parents about me and even called me on his lunch breaks. And I won’t even lie for a moment I was smitten but that was simply for a moment. I had this feeling that he wasn’t being fully truthful to me and well he wasn’t. He wanted me to be completely exclusive to him which I was, but he wasn’t being completely exclusive to me. Talk about DOUBLE STANDARD BS. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed our dates and he was a gentlemen but I kept noticing red flags and I am actually very happy it didn’t work out because he is definitely a floater. Well we remained friends on Facebook for awhile (we are no longer friends on fb) and I noticed that right after we stopped seeing each other, I mean not even a good month after he was in a relationship with someone else. Well in retrospect I felt bad for the girl and in reality I wanted to scream out “RUN WHILE YOU CAN.” But it wasn’t my place and well that would be rude. You see the thing that really bothered me with this floater is that he had a history of very short lived relationships and he told me this. In fact he told me most of his relationships didn’t get pass 4 or 5 months. This was alarming and I asked him why and he said something vague along the lines of “well we just didn’t click.” But see I like to dig deeper and that’s when I found out that he broke up with one girl who he claimed was amazing but was justĀ too short. WHICH IS QUITE RIDICULOUS IF YOU ASK ME. He knew she was short before so why waste her time. And then he also told me that after one argument with another ex he broke it off. I understood why the argument made him upset but what I didn’t understand was why he would give up so quickly. A relationship takes hard work and dedication and clearly he had missed that memo. Even when he told his parents about me they weren’t even the bit least excited because they were thinking aww here we go again lets see how long this lasts. Well in the back of my head i kept thinking i can’t trust this guy and there was just a lot of pressure to be perfect, and well NO ONE IS PERFECT. The moment I disagreed with him about an issue I was no longer the girl of his dreams and he was right out the door. Boy did i dodge a bullet. In fact during one of our dinner dates he compared me to his ex, the one girl who broke his heart that he had dated for a long time. He claimed I was better than her and that he had never felt that way before, but it had only been 2 weeks. YIKES —Epic Fail- Honestly he just screamed red flag, red fag, red flag. And to top it off he was indirectly emotionally unavailable. He listened to my stories and we spoke everyday but he never spoke about the deeper things he always kept the conversations on the surface and well I noticed it all. He figured he could just sweet talk me and make me feel like a princess and that everything would be fine. But while that is all gravy I wanted to know who he was as a person and really see if we were compatible and if we had chemistry. If a guy never lets you in and only takes you out you will never build a strong foundation, and at the end of the day you won’t trust him. Honestly he asked me to be his girlfriend after a week I believe and I just thought that was too quick. I wanted to get past the grace period and really see how we meshed together and just when i turned around to tie my shoelace he had floated away into another girl’s corner. Well me and one of my best friends pretty much said that his next relationship wouldn’t make it into the new year and well we were right, they broke up recently. I was hoping that maybe he would have matured and changed but unfortunately he didn’t. I mean i honestly don’t know why they broke up but what i can say is, true love fights and works through the tough times. So beware of “floaters” guys and gals…..RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!