BlackPeopleMeet Review Review:

If you are looking for a site that is more specific then I would suggest BlackPeopleMeet. I personally do not have a racial preference when it comes to dating but I wanted to try this site out and see what it was about. I did notice that on this website there were people of different cultural backgrounds all throughout. While this website does have a fee it is on the cheaper side when it comes to paid dating sites. You can have a free membership but you will only be able to send flirts and no messages or any other forms of communication, so a paid subscription is recommended. I paid $13.00 for one month and I believe for a 3 month subscription it was about $43.00 which is not that bad compared to other paid sites. Economically this is a good choice if you are trying to meet other African-American singles in your area. One thing I will say is be careful when choosing what kind of subscription you want. I clicked a one month subscription and somehow received three months. Since I knew I wanted to review this site for you guys I decided just to keep it and not contact them, but this is just an fyi. I am going to list below Pros and Cons for this website:


-There are a lot of different matches to choose from

-You can send flirts

-There is a live chat feature
– There are daily matches

-They include dating tips and success stories


-There are some creepers and sometimes I got messages that were clearly copy and pasted several times

  • You cannot really search based on personal interest so you have to really get to know a person first or read their page in order to see compatibility

  • There is no match system that uses actual interest and moral beliefs etc

  • There is no phone app so it is very hard to use on your phone

  • Does not allow you to search based on sexual orientation- so not a good site for those who aren’t straight

Overall I would recommend this site, but if you are looking for a more thorough match system this site has not developed one yet. It is a good site to meet a lot of people.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Men and Women

Hey guys so you know how hard dating can be. Too many times I hear people say they don’t know where to go to meet people. People are so tired of the club scene. I honestly think that the club is the worst place to meet someone, of course there are those few people that have success stories but from my own experience it is rare. Usually at the club there are men and women that are just trying to have a good time, they don’t want anything substantial. Also the club is filled with drunk people, and usually when you meet someone you want to be sober, just in my opinion. So here is a list of my top 10 places to meet a potential date. They are not in any particular order but these are places in which I have actually met someone, or even met an ex-boyfriend. Also some of my friends have met people in these situations as well. Let me know what you think:

1)  A Bookstore-this makes the list because I loveee to read. I can literally spend hours in a bookstore just exploring. And I always see lots of men and women of all ages in barnes and nobles. And you might bump into someone who has similar interests as you.

2) Dance Class- or any type of interest/activity class/cooking/acting etc- This is a great place to meet someone.

3) Church- So I know not everyone goes to church, but for those of you that do this is a great place to potentially meet someone who has the similar values and religious views as you.

4) The Beach/Parks- summertime is just around the corner and EVERYONE- I mean EVERYONE will be at the beach and the parks (I know I will be)

5) Grocery Store-we all have to eat sometime, right?? While your pushing a cart through the aisles you might bump into your soul mate. You never know!

6) Live Music Venues/Concerts- I love live shows and I will even attend a show by myself. This is a perfect place to meet someone who also likes the same kind of music you like. (Already something in common)

7) Museums-I like going to museums and exploring new things. And some museums actually have cool events they put on monthly. For those of you in the NY area, the Brooklyn Museum has this cool event called “First Saturdays” every first saturday of the month in which they have live music and a multitude of different events.

8) The Gym- so many people workout daily. While getting yourself in shape you might meet someone while running on a treadmill.

9) Online- and of course you can meet both men and women online on dating websites. This is a good option for those people that are very busy or don’t go out often.

10) Lounges- While I am not a big fan of meeting someone at a club, a lounge is a little more upscale and classy. People are usually dressed to impress and it is a lot less rowdy than a club.

Hope you liked this list. If you have anymore suggestions or a topic you want to see, email me at

Thanks for reading!!

Kisses  xoxo

The Do’s and Dont’s of Online Dating- Pros vs. Cons

Hey guys so this was another requested topic and I must say it is a popular topic especially in today’s society filled with media and online interactions. I love the requests and feedback, so please keep it coming. Now first I would like to say that I do not see a problem with online dating and I am all for it. Did you know that 1 in 5 relationships start out from online dating websites (lol- i couldnt help but sound like that commercial) With that said online dating is not for everyone. I am not currently on any dating websites but I have used one in the past so I think I can give a little input based on my experience and opinion. Also I have quite a few friends that are on dating websites themselves. I don’t think being on a dating website is something to be ashamed of. Today everyone is so busy, and meeting someone in the club is getting old and not really the best place in my opinion. If you choose to try online dating I suggest researching all the different sites that they have out there. They have paid sites like and eharmony and then there are free sites like plenty of fish and okcupid. I have used okcupid and it has it’s ups and downs. First things first if you are going to try online dating PLEASE BE safe. I cannot stress it enough.

-Meet in a public place, like a mall or well known area – if you are in the NY area- i like times square because there are cops everywhere, or a starbucks
-Tell a friend where you are going and with whom
-You can look up the person online- background check- if you feel it is necessary
-If possible turn on the GPS feature on your phone while on the date
-Go on a couple of dates and really get to know a person before you let them in on private details of your life (like exactly where you work or live)
-Be Truthful on your page, for ex: if you have kids, put that information on your page, if you leave that info out it makes it seem as if your kids are not important to you or like you are trying to hide something
-Be positive, nobody likes a negative debby downer or party pooper
-Put up a nice picture that is about 3/4 of your head and your body that shows you smiling and represents who you are in a positive way
-Read a potential dater’s FULL PAGE- don’t half ass it- you will regret it later

-Don’t put up a ronchy picture- meaning don’t put up a picture showing too much skin, or pushing your butt out and your boobs or a picture of your genitals(highly inappropriate btw) this gives off the wrong message and if you are looking for something serious, it won’t be the vibe you give off simply from a picture
-Have a picture, if you are on a dating website without a picture, shame on you, its not fair that you know what they look like but they don’t know what you look like-don’t be a creeper
-Don’t send one line messages- it tends to get old, bring up something or ask a question
-Do not meet at your house or at your date’s house, this goes for guys/girls you meet offline too
– Do not get drunk with this person- you do not want a stranger taking advantage of you
-Be Vague- if there is no information on your page why would anyone want to date you or even have an interest- you might get lucky if you have a great picture, but then you know that they only contacted you because of your picture and nothing else
-Don’t fabricate-i can usually detect bs from a mile away- leave it at the door

****Now in my opinion here is the Pros and Cons of online dating- from the perspective of Okcupid

-Okcupid provides questions that you can answer that show how compatible you might be with another person- that way if you don’t have that much of a compatability percentage you don’t need to date them
-You can decide who you want to contact and who cant contact you- married individuals, smokers etc
-You can get to know someone from a distance before you even decide you want to take time out and actually meet them
-You can meet more people than you would normally meet outside in a shorter amount of time
-It saves time
-There is somewhat of a screening process-depending on what website you use

-Not everyone is who they say they are-beware of fakes- be safe and do your research
-Some people have very blank pages- but you do not need to write them or respond to them
-Sometimes there are creeps and weirdos that send you creepy or disturbing messages- BLOCK THEM or report them
-Some people only have one picture up that shows nothing or shows a side profile which doesn’t let you know exactly what they look like- ask for more pictures- if they refuse- keep it moving
-Some people don’t look like their pictures- this has not happened to me but I have heard stories from friends- smh smh
-People fabricate their profiles to make them sound like they are selling a really amazing product—if it seems too phony- walk away- no one is perfect

Be Truthful, Be SAFE and remember to have fun and be yourself : )