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Don’t Text Me When You’re Bored or Lonely

rsz_img_0197Don’t text me when you’re bored or lonely. No seriously I mean it. Have you ever gotten a text from someone and had no idea who it was, because you had deleted that person’s number years/months ago because things never worked out? Well this too often happens to me. I don’t know what it is with some guys but I will date a guy or just talk to a guy and we won’t talk anymore for whatever reason and then boom I get that random hey whats up text (-_-). Who are you? No seriously who are you? Cause I am not the one you hit up when you are lonely or bored and I will call you out on it. Too many times people think that they can just hit you up out of nowhere because they need to be entertained. Well if this has ever happened to you I want you to tell that person to entertain themselves, go play with a yoyo and kick rocks with open toe shoes because you know your worth.

                     I am going to talk about two instances that happened in which I was completely puzzled. A few months back I got a text and it said “hey whats up Leslie”, I felt bad because I didn’t know who it was, and the person clearly knew who I was and I didn’t have the number saved. So I simply said “oh hey i’m sorry who is this”, the person automatically was like oh forget it etc. They got salty because I didn’t know who they were. Feeling like I may have really hurt someone’s feelings I thought long and hard, I finally figured out who it was and didn’t feel so sorry anymore. It was a guy that I used to talk to, who pretty much wasted my time and who I hadn’t talked to in literally a year and a half if not more. Who does that? I get it if we are friends and we just haven’t talked in a long time or maybe your regretting your past or w.e. But if that’s the case, call me, don’t text me and also if you didn’t treat me good before what makes you think I will just be so ready to jump when you say so. I am not the person that you call after scrolling through your phone while drunkenly reminiscing about the past and you yes YOU reading this shouldn’t be either because you are NOT THE BACK UP PLAN.

The other day I got a text from yet another number I did not know, from someone who I never actually dated or talked to. We met like once, exchanged numbers and nothing really happened and yet boom out of no where they wanted to know how I was doing after years. Pause, WHAT? What are you doing? Stop it! I wasn’t even mad, just a little annoyed. I am not the random booty call and I am not someone who is here to entertain you when you are bored. And you know what, I would appreciate it if people were just honest. I rather you tell me upfront honestly what you want instead of you “BS’ing” about it. This happened to one of my close friends. Some guy who it didn’t work out with had the nerve to hit her up on some “I’m lonely crap”. I appreciate his honesty but if it was me he would have got shut down right then and there. She proceeded to tell him that she had a boyfriend and then he pulled the you’re right I have a girl card too. Stop lying. The truth is he felt played and so he attempted to protect his integrity. But see the thing is his integrity died the moment he wrote “I’m lonely” after years of talking expecting her to jump cause he was now bored and available. The point of this post is to let you all know that you are worth so much more than a RANDOM text. And someone should contact you with true sincerity and not just for the sake of being entertained. Personally I rather someone call me, be real and not pretend like things didn’t hit the fan before. You are amazing, beautiful and a prized possession and don’t you everrrr forget it. Thanks for reading guys.

Budget Holiday Gift Ideas

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Happy Holidays!!!

25 Budget Holiday Gift Ideas

1- Healthy Recipe book

It is always a good idea to take care of yourself and eating healthy is one way of doing that. Having some recipes can help make healthy living easier.

2- A mug

You can personalize a mug and give it to someone, for ex. “World’s best mom”

3- Candles

I love candles, especially scented ones. And the great thing about candles is that they are inexpensive and you can personalize them.

4- Business card holder

A great gift for an aspiring entrepreneur is a business card holder, and there are actually affordable ones that you can find online.

5- Journal

I love to write and take notes. A great gift idea is a journal that you can get engraved. Making a gift like this personalized really makes it special and it wont break your pocket.

6- Dvd

A dvd of someone’s favorite movie or show is great!

7- Netflix

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, give a loved one netflix for $7.99 a month.

8- Magazine subscription

You can give someone a yearly subscription for a magazine that you think they may enjoy.

9- Picture frame

Picture frames are very budget friendly. You can pick one up from target or the dollar store and decorate it and make it your own.

10- Coupon book of kisses and hugs

For those on a very tight budget. This is a very thoughtful gift.

11- Life coaching session

A life coaching session can help a person put their life in perspective and make new strides.

12- A book of motivational quotations

I love anything that sends positive vibes. The more positivity we surround ourselves with the more positive we will be.

13- “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo

You can get someone an inspirational book like this one.

14- Bucket of fun

You can gather a few of the gifts on this list and create a bucket of fun.

15- Game tickets

You dont always have to buy really expensive game tickets, some tickets are super cheap.

16- A Mixed Cd

You can make a mix of songs that you think someone will love.

17- A handmade bracelet

You can always make a handmade bracelet or get one on

18- A Gift Card

You can give someone a gift card for one of their favorite stores.

19- Jewelry

You don’t have to get expensive jewelry, in fact there are a lot of deals on jewelry on living social.

20- Perfume/Cologne

Buy someone a perfume/cologne mini of their favorite scent.

21- Wall art

Inspirational wall art can give you that boost you need in the morning. You can find affordable wall art at many stores online.

22- Baked Cookies

If you have a passion for baking, make someone a batch of their favorite cookies. Food always makes my heart smile.

23- Refurbished video game

If you can’t afford a new video game you can always buy a reburished one for a more affordable price.

24- Spa Day

Treat that special someone to a spa day without killing your pockets. You can usually find great deals in your area on

25- A Romantic Date

And last but not least, take that special someone out for a romantic date, or you can just take a friend to a local show etc.

I hope you enjoyed these budget holiday gift ideas. If you have any other gift ideas, leave a comment. Also if you want me to write about a specific topic, please send them to me at

Letter to the lost 20 somethings of the world

Dear Mr/Mrs. I am having an early life crisis,

You are not alone. Today I turn 25 and a few years ago I would have told you that by age 25 I would have my life all figured out. And I can honestly say I do not. And it is okay. Recently I was freaking out because I am not where I want to be in life, and I am still figuring out who I am. Like many of you there is so much that I still want to accomplish. But why do we have this mentality that if we dont have the best career, house and car by age 25 that we have failed at life? Because that is what society tells us and ofcourse in the words of Will Smith those “parents that just dont understand.” What we dont realize is that success is a state of mind. Think about it. Why are there people that have money, cars and a career that are still unhappy? Because happiness is also a state of mind and when we try to fill this void in our lives with material things we get no where. If you want to be more happy then dont dwell on the unknown. Don’t dwell on the negative. I suggest focusing on the things in life that you do have and using that as a stepping stone to something greater. Think about what you did to get to where you are today. Do not undermine your achievements however small they may seem to you. Take more risks and focus more on positivity and doing things you have always wanted to do or learning about how you can do those things. I am not saying it isnt nice to have those nice things and strive for them, but don’t dwell on those things because at the end of the day life on this earth does end.

I had to take a deep and long hard look at myself, and I can tell you that I have been staring at the mirror for a couple of years now, and I am okay with that. Every time you look in the mirror you will find out something new about yourself. And I mean really look. It is not our circumstances that define who we are, but how we choose to handle them. I am not “rich”, I am not married, and I do not own my own home, but in no way does that mean I am not successful. I have had many blessings and opportunities and wonderful learning experiences.We define what success means in our lives. I have so much to be grateful for. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. But we should.

I decided instead of sitting at home and being depressed about my so called “early life crisis” to embrace the blessings that I do have and to really search and find who I am. I am indecisive so I struggle a lot with life decisions. So I decided to face my fear and just start trying things I have always wanted to try. So far I have learned the things I love and some things I hate. I learned that I do not like the typical 9 to 5, that I am an infp personality type (makes so much sense), that I will never stop singing and that I love film acting. I also learned that I love to write and that I also love to help people on a personal level. Do I have it all figured out at the tender young age of 25? NOPE. Do I fully know who I am yet? I AM GETTING THERE, but I dont think that process ever stops. You will learn more about yourself everyday if you try new things. And in time you will learn your true purpose or purposes for that matter.

I believe that society has led us to believe that we have to choose ONE career in order to be successful, that is not true, you can do more than one thing as long as you prioritize and work your butt off. We should not defined by our careers. Our careers are just one part of who we are. You are more than just a job. Maybe you are a thrill seeker, a giver, a mother, a daughter, a friend, comedic, lovable, book-smart, whatever it may be, you are so much more. It is important to really enjoy life and the relationships you have with people, because at the end of the day and at the end of your life it will not matter how much you made, what will matter are the memories you have. So 20 somethings of the world if you think you are alone you are not. So many of us have entered the working world; some in careers we have chosen some in careers that chose us, some still trying to find one, but don’t let where you are in your life discourage you. Take a stand and all the things you don’t like in your life, I challenge you to change it. Try, and if you fail okay, so what, try again or move on. It is going to be okay. And please remember that “Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, but rather by the obstacles one overcomes while trying to succeed.” (Booker T. Washington)


A 20 something on the road to self discovery


New and Improved!!!

Hey guys and welcome to the new and improved “I Want My Kisses Back” blog. I know I have been MIA for awhile and I apologize. I recently moved and have been working on a few things on the site. I want to talk a little bit about why I created this blog and about some changes that I have decided to make. In 2011 I launched this blog because I wanted an outlet to reach other people who might have been through the things I went through. I wanted to engage in conversations about healthy relationship choices and really connect to other people. I had been in a very bad relationship on and off for a few years and I lost myself.

My blog began my journey of self discovery; my journey to finding out who I am and taking my soul back. Most of my articles talk about dating and relationships but recently I realized that for me life is not just about dating, but so much more. Before I started my blog I obsessed about finding, “The One” when I should have been focusing on discovering ME. Now I as I continue on this road to self discovery I want to share that with you all. My blog will now feature posts on, career, being a 20 something, health, loving yourself and really embracing all parts of life. I believe all of these things are connected and affect the relationships we do have, so instead of just talking about one category I have decided to talk about the many different aspects of life.

I hope to help those in anyway I can and really open the floodgates for self-growth and self-love. I am not a guru or an expert, I am just a young woman who wants to share her experiences in hopes of touching someone else and promoting positivity. Also I will be launching a youtube channel that coincides with this blog, and I hope you all subscribe. My first video will be up this week. My channel is iwantmykissesback and can be located at  I will be posting the videos on my blog as well. If you have a topic you want to see on my blog or youtube please email me at You can follow this blog on twitter @iwantmykisses and like the facebook by clicking the link in the sidebar. Thanks for reading and Welcome to the New and Improved “I Want My Kisses Back” Blog!

How to Make Friends in a New City



               Making friends in your twenties is hard. Making friends in your twenties in a new city is even harder. But let’s face it making friends when you’re passed the grade school era is just plain difficult. When you are a kid you dont have any shame or a care in the world, and you want to talk and play with everyone. It’s like , “hey can I play with your yo yo” and “omg you have the new spice girls gum” or “hey lets play on the jungle gym”. (Okay boom we are now friends for life, because spice girls gum and yo yo’s were pretty awesome) Even in college making friends can be a little weird at first. You get stuck in an orientation group with a crazy happy orientation leader who is just ridiculously nice for no reason. (Dude, why are you so happy, its creepy) And then you’re forced to talk to someone you dont know, when in reality it would be so much easier just to let it happen naturally. And now that I am in my twenties and out of college I am at a point where making friends feels like a lot of work. And it is not as easy as it used to be. You see back then if you let me play in your double dutch game we were lifelong besties. Now a person holds the door for you and you are still just a stranger, it’s like damn can I get a hello (no, I dont know you). Don’t get me wrong I am in no way super anti-social, but I dont just go up to people and start a conversation. Even when I was dating I didnt just say hey sexy over there, can I talk to you for a second? Can I get a refill? A guy would approach me and then it was easier.


                  Well the reason I have decided to write about this today is because I have just moved from NY to Saint Louis. Before you all say WOAH who moves from NY to STL. Let me explain, I like to try new things and I have lived in NY my whole life, while I will always be a New Yawkahh, it is overrated, very fun at times, but overrated. There is always bad that comes with the good. In a year I will be in LA. For now I am checking out STL and its not that bad. My only complaint about STL is the muggy weather. Its mainly humid, and I dont believe in humidity. I like dry heat, minus the forest fires. So far I have made like 2 friends ha ha. But I dont need a huge possy (do people even say this). Anywho I am going to talk about some ways I think that can help anyone make friends. And this doesnt have to relate to just someone who is moving to a new city; it can be just for someone who wants to make friends period.


                   One suggestion that I have for making friends if you are a woman, is a site called It’s for women who are looking for platonic relationships. I think its brillant and I have made a few friends on there. Of course it wont always be a match made in heaven, but it lets you see whats out there and its not as intense as online dating, you are just making friends. And the same rules apply for an online social site that applies to an online dating site. Always be safe. You can check out some safety tips here .Also another site that I have not tried yet, but is highly recommended is, Apparantely there are all these groups on there, for example people who love soccer and they have actual meetups and you get to meet different people. I think thats pretty cool. Another way to make friends is to join a class. I plan on taking a few classes. If you like art, poetry or play an instrument, join a class. You will meet lots of people. Also you can find a local recreational center. There are so many different things you can do at a rec center; play sports, go to a library if they have one, or attend an event. I also mingle with my boyfriend’s friends and family (did I just say mingle, wth). Go to free events. It’s the summer time and there are so many free events going on. You meet people and you dont have to kill your pocket either. And if you are a college alum, you can always use your college network to see if there are any alumni who have also moved into your area and reach out to them. Most importantly just be yourself. Thanks for reading guys!!!



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