Don’t Text Me When You’re Bored or Lonely

rsz_img_0197Don’t text me when you’re bored or lonely. No seriously I mean it. Have you ever gotten a text from someone and had no idea who it was, because you had deleted that person’s number years/months ago because things never worked out? Well this too often happens to me. I don’t know what it is with some guys but I will date a guy or just talk to a guy and we won’t talk anymore for whatever reason and then boom I get that random hey whats up text (-_-). Who are you? No seriously who are you? Cause I am not the one you hit up when you are lonely or bored and I will call you out on it. Too many times people think that they can just hit you up out of nowhere because they need to be entertained. Well if this has ever happened to you I want you to tell that person to entertain themselves, go play with a yoyo and kick rocks with open toe shoes because you know your worth.

                     I am going to talk about two instances that happened in which I was completely puzzled. A few months back I got a text and it said “hey whats up Leslie”, I felt bad because I didn’t know who it was, and the person clearly knew who I was and I didn’t have the number saved. So I simply said “oh hey i’m sorry who is this”, the person automatically was like oh forget it etc. They got salty because I didn’t know who they were. Feeling like I may have really hurt someone’s feelings I thought long and hard, I finally figured out who it was and didn’t feel so sorry anymore. It was a guy that I used to talk to, who pretty much wasted my time and who I hadn’t talked to in literally a year and a half if not more. Who does that? I get it if we are friends and we just haven’t talked in a long time or maybe your regretting your past or w.e. But if that’s the case, call me, don’t text me and also if you didn’t treat me good before what makes you think I will just be so ready to jump when you say so. I am not the person that you call after scrolling through your phone while drunkenly reminiscing about the past and you yes YOU reading this shouldn’t be either because you are NOT THE BACK UP PLAN.

The other day I got a text from yet another number I did not know, from someone who I never actually dated or talked to. We met like once, exchanged numbers and nothing really happened and yet boom out of no where they wanted to know how I was doing after years. Pause, WHAT? What are you doing? Stop it! I wasn’t even mad, just a little annoyed. I am not the random booty call and I am not someone who is here to entertain you when you are bored. And you know what, I would appreciate it if people were just honest. I rather you tell me upfront honestly what you want instead of you “BS’ing” about it. This happened to one of my close friends. Some guy who it didn’t work out with had the nerve to hit her up on some “I’m lonely crap”. I appreciate his honesty but if it was me he would have got shut down right then and there. She proceeded to tell him that she had a boyfriend and then he pulled the you’re right I have a girl card too. Stop lying. The truth is he felt played and so he attempted to protect his integrity. But see the thing is his integrity died the moment he wrote “I’m lonely” after years of talking expecting her to jump cause he was now bored and available. The point of this post is to let you all know that you are worth so much more than a RANDOM text. And someone should contact you with true sincerity and not just for the sake of being entertained. Personally I rather someone call me, be real and not pretend like things didn’t hit the fan before. You are amazing, beautiful and a prized possession and don’t you everrrr forget it. Thanks for reading guys.

Fellas she’s just not that into if……

Hey guys so I thought that this would be a good topic to blog about. In my opinion and in the opinion of some people I know these are some factors that I think let a guy and a girl know if someone is into them or not. Clearly there are exceptions to some of these, and feel free to add to the list in a comment or email me at J Thanks for reading. Btw this is in reference to being interested in dating someone, and not simply sleeping with someone…just to clarify.
Fellas she’s just not that into you if:
-She doesn’t care if you call her or text
-If she only calls you once a week or less
-She avoids your calls or texts
-She brings her friends or etc in order to avoid intimate settings
-If she doesn’t make time for you
-She cancels on you more than once
-Every time you Im her on fb chat- she coincidently signs off
-If she says she’s not a phone person, and never talks to you on the phone
-If she disappears periodically
-If she is still seeing other people after 3 months of “dating”
-If her friends know nothing about you
-If she won’t accept your friend request on facebook
-If she doesn’t poke you back on facebook (lol)
Ladies don’t think I forgot about you……He’s just not that into you if:
-He doesn’t call you or text
-If he doesn’t return your calls/or if he ignores them
-If he never wants to take you out
-If he only hits you up during booty call hours (after 12- there are some exceptions)
-If he only wants to chill at his house all the time
-If he doesn’t make time for you
-If he doesn’t incorporate you in future plans
-If he disappears periodically
-If his friends know nothing about you- and you haven’t met them
-If his family knows nothing about you- depending on timing of course
-If he says he’s not a phone person and never calls
-If he is still seeing other people after 3 months of “dating”
-If he says he “doesn’t know what he wants”
I am sure I probably missed a few, so feel free to add to this list. At the end of the day you deserve to be with someone who wants to put in the effort to actually really get to know you as a person and show you who they are. If you do want a relationship, and a person isn’t really into you or into putting in an effort to build something, why waste your time?
xoxo Kisses J