For those of you reading this wondering what the hell am I talking about, let me first define the acronym DTR. DTR stands for………: define the relationship. For those of you that watch “Awkward” on MTV (an awesome show) you already knew that but for those of you that haven’t seen the show, I think you should watch it lol. But anywho that is not what this article is about. I want talk about when you should define a relationship and when you shouldn’t. A lot of people say, “I hate labels and why complicate things”, but I think you complicate things when you don’t even know what things are. And the moment you start having guidelines and rules for what is and isn’t okay you are already defining what it is you are doing within itself, so why not DTR? I’ll tell you why, if the person you are “talking” to isn’t treating you right then chances are in a relationship they won’t treat you much better. I mean of course if you aren’t someone’s official significant other you might not experience the full benefits of girlfriend or boyfriend status but you should have an idea of what’s to come. Honestly, in the words of Maya Angelou, “if a person shows you who they are, believe them.” If someone lies to you in the beginning, that’s a bad sign. I believe in second chances but I also believe in honesty. Relationships require just that, honesty and if you don’t start on a strong foundation how on earth will you last? You won’t, simple as that. And a small lie can become a big lie, and a small lie makes me think, “why did he feel he had to lie about that”. In fact it makes me feel like that person doesn’t trust me, and you absolutely cannot have a relationship without trust. So my point is at this point is if you and your current interest are not fully honest with each other and do not fully trust each other do not DTF, or for better words do not get into a relationship. In fact walk away if it’s been awhile and you are still unsure. Love is a lot of things, but one thing it is definitely not, is unsure. Which leads to my next point, are you comfortable with each other? And this is after being comfortable fully with yourself. Do you guys feel comfortable enough around each other to just open up, and be yourselves? If the answer is no, or I am not there yet, you are probably not ready to DTR. Also be true to yourself, if what you are involved in is a fling then make sure both parties are aware of that, so no one gets hurt. The worst thing is to think your in a serious relationship with someone and then to find out that in fact they are seeing other people and not claiming you. If anything you should probably always define the nature of your relationship. But when it comes to actually officially deciding on when you should be in a relationship that’s when you have to take into account a lot of different things such as;

honesty, trust, openness, level of comfort, are you a secret? Are you just in it for the physical? All of these things play an important role in DTR’ing lol. Thanks for reading guys