New and Improved!!!

Hey guys and welcome to the new and improved “I Want My Kisses Back” blog. I know I have been MIA for awhile and I apologize. I recently moved and have been working on a few things on the site. I want to talk a little bit about why I created this blog and about some changes that I have decided to make. In 2011 I launched this blog because I wanted an outlet to reach other people who might have been through the things I went through. I wanted to engage in conversations about healthy relationship choices and really connect to other people. I had been in a very bad relationship on and off for a few years and I lost myself.

My blog began my journey of self discovery; my journey to finding out who I am and taking my soul back. Most of my articles talk about dating and relationships but recently I realized that for me life is not just about dating, but so much more. Before I started my blog I obsessed about finding, “The One” when I should have been focusing on discovering ME. Now I as I continue on this road to self discovery I want to share that with you all. My blog will now feature posts on, career, being a 20 something, health, loving yourself and really embracing all parts of life. I believe all of these things are connected and affect the relationships we do have, so instead of just talking about one category I have decided to talk about the many different aspects of life.

I hope to help those in anyway I can and really open the floodgates for self-growth and self-love. I am not a guru or an expert, I am just a young woman who wants to share her experiences in hopes of touching someone else and promoting positivity. Also I will be launching a youtube channel that coincides with this blog, and I hope you all subscribe. My first video will be up this week. My channel is iwantmykissesback and can be located at  I will be posting the videos on my blog as well. If you have a topic you want to see on my blog or youtube please email me at You can follow this blog on twitter @iwantmykisses and like the facebook by clicking the link in the sidebar. Thanks for reading and Welcome to the New and Improved “I Want My Kisses Back” Blog!