25 Budget Holiday Gift Ideas

1- Healthy Recipe book

It is always a good idea to take care of yourself and eating healthy is one way of doing that. Having some recipes can help make healthy living easier.

2- A mug

You can personalize a mug and give it to someone, for ex. “World’s best mom”

3- Candles

I love candles, especially scented ones. And the great thing about candles is that they are inexpensive and you can personalize them.

4- Business card holder

A great gift for an aspiring entrepreneur is a business card holder, and there are actually affordable ones that you can find online.

5- Journal

I love to write and take notes. A great gift idea is a journal that you can get engraved. Making a gift like this personalized really makes it special and it wont break your pocket.

6- Dvd

A dvd of someone’s favorite movie or show is great!

7- Netflix

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, give a loved one netflix for $7.99 a month.

8- Magazine subscription

You can give someone a yearly subscription for a magazine that you think they may enjoy.

9- Picture frame

Picture frames are very budget friendly. You can pick one up from target or the dollar store and decorate it and make it your own.

10- Coupon book of kisses and hugs

For those on a very tight budget. This is a very thoughtful gift.

11- Life coaching session

A life coaching session can help a person put their life in perspective and make new strides.

12- A book of motivational quotations

I love anything that sends positive vibes. The more positivity we surround ourselves with the more positive we will be.

13- “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo

You can get someone an inspirational book like this one.

14- Bucket of fun

You can gather a few of the gifts on this list and create a bucket of fun.

15- Game tickets

You dont always have to buy really expensive game tickets, some tickets are super cheap.

16- A Mixed Cd

You can make a mix of songs that you think someone will love.

17- A handmade bracelet

You can always make a handmade bracelet or get one on etsy.com

18- A Gift Card

You can give someone a gift card for one of their favorite stores.

19- Jewelry

You don’t have to get expensive jewelry, in fact there are a lot of deals on jewelry on living social.

20- Perfume/Cologne

Buy someone a perfume/cologne mini of their favorite scent.

21- Wall art

Inspirational wall art can give you that boost you need in the morning. You can find affordable wall art at many stores online.

22- Baked Cookies

If you have a passion for baking, make someone a batch of their favorite cookies. Food always makes my heart smile.

23- Refurbished video game

If you can’t afford a new video game you can always buy a reburished one for a more affordable price.

24- Spa Day

Treat that special someone to a spa day without killing your pockets. You can usually find great deals in your area on livingsocial.com

25- A Romantic Date

And last but not least, take that special someone out for a romantic date, or you can just take a friend to a local show etc.

I hope you enjoyed these budget holiday gift ideas. If you have any other gift ideas, leave a comment. Also if you want me to write about a specific topic, please send them to me at iwantmykissesback@gmail.com


First off I just want to say I am backkkk. I went on vacation and the summer was a little crazy, but I am so excited about the new posts that I have for you guys.

As the summer sadly approaches it’s end, I feel that it is only necessary to share a summer story from a few years back. Out of respect I will not include names. Two years ago me and one of my female friends were at a club when we met two guys. I knew of these guys before because of mutual friends, but this was the first time I had actually met them. At the club we exchanged numbers, and I didn’t really think much about it. After that night the guys hit me and my friend up and said they wanted to chill, and so we said okay. Little did I know that was a huge mistake.

Well we met up at a pier close to our neighborhood that has a lot of fun things to do by the water. I talked with “my guy” and my friend walked away with “her guy”. Everything was going fine, it was a simple outing in which we were just trying to get to know each other better. Well midway through my conversation with “my guy,” my friend came over and she looked very pissed. I asked her if she was okay, and she said under her breathe, “I will tell you later”. Naturally I was concerned, and right after we went home and went our separate ways. I called her as soon as I got in the house and she told me that the guy had exposed himself to her. I was shocked, when she said this, I was like, “what do you mean exposed.” She told me the guy took his penis out and showed it to her. I thought to myself, what the hell??? Who does that?? Was he on something? I was so upset that my friend even had to go through that.

She then told me that the conversation was stale and that out of nowhere he felt it was necessary to pull his penis out, and when she became shocked (because normal people don’t do that) he laughed and said, “you scared.” My friend was not scared she was appalled, shocked and disgusted. What the hell did he take her for? Did he think she would say, oh that’s nice, can i play? Did this kind of activity work for him on the regular? Because quite frankly I don’t see how it could. Not only was this boy (not a man) disrespectful he was also conceited and out of line. No guy should ever pull out their penis on a first date, let alone a second or third. I don’t even see how it is common protocol for any date, but I wanted to slap him in the face. Better yet how about slapping him with his own genitals, maybe then he would realize how out of line and ridiculous he was being. Anybody out there who is reading this, please please don’t expose yourself on a date, not only can you get yourself in trouble with the law but you also make yourself look like a complete douchebag and someone with no home training. Nobody should ever treat someone with that kind of disrespect and YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!!

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Nice guys do finish last!!!

You know the saying, “nice guys finish last,” well I agree with this. Now before you scream at me like whatttt, let me explain. In my opinion I think that a woman wants a guy who is a nice guy but has a little bad side to them. When I say bad I mean mysterious and fun. While I do want a good/nice guy, a lot of good guys are not mysterious and give way too much way too soon. I personally want a guy that can keep me on my toes and treat me good at the same time. I like to wonder a little and I like a guy that doesn’t reveal all of himself all at once. While I like some mystery that doesn’t mean I want a guy that leaves me hanging and confused on where we stand, it just means I like a guy that gives me my own space and time to miss him and who will also give me more of himself gradually.
There was this guy I dated once and he was a nice guy but he was just too nice. He always agreed with me, he smothered me and honestly he kissed my a**. That is nice for a little while but after awhile that ish gets boring. I want someone who will tell me when I am wrong and speak their mind. (Respectfully ofcourse : ) We are human and we love challenges, it is just a part of our nature, so if something is too easy after awhile we want something different and new. “Mr. too nice” that I was talking about earlier was also super cheesy. Sometimes when a guy is too nice he comes off cheesy, because it seems like he’s trying too hard. Sometimes the too nice act can come off as phony and just straight thirsty, and nobody wants a thirsty dude…it is simply not cute. There are guys out there that decide you know what I am not going to be nice anymore and I am going to be an a**hole so I can attract more women. I don’t think you need to be an a**hole to attract women. I think that you have to be nice within reason and not give everything up so soon. It’s like sex. If someone gives it up too soon sometimes they can come off as being too easy, and nobody wants an easy girl or guy. It is the same concept for dating, nobody wants someone who isn’t a challenge. Everyone likes a chase. I am not a fan of games so I am a pretty direct person, but at the same time I like to leave certain things up to imagination.
Give someone time to miss you, don’t blow up their phone. Live your life and show the person you are interested in that you care without being too overbearing. If you are too clingy and too nice too soon it comes off as needy, predictable and just okay. You never want to be just “okay” to someone, cause then that means they are just not that into you. As for the a**holes of the world, yeah they might get a lot of traffic coming their way but you have to ask yourself what type of women are they attracting. Are those women secure with who they are? Do they know their self worth? Because if a women is secure with who she is, she won’t put up with a guy who is an a**hole or a dick. I am guilty of putting up with it in the past, but now I refuse to do that, because then not only would nice guys finish last but so would I. The keyword here is balance, balance, balance. Be yourself, live your life, but dont be overbearing, too predictable or thirsty. Don’t give it all away at once. You have so much to give, so spread it out and keep her wondering…..she will stick around to find out more I promise.

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